From: 17/10/1018 (Hanoi) To: 03/11/2018 (Bangkok) A Two-Week Journey Bustling South East Asia is known as a paradise for travelers – it’s said to be filled with incredibly delicious food, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. That’s why I was so thrilled to be flying to Hanoi for about two weeks of exploring Vietnam, with a stop in Bangkok as well. I couldn’t wait to experience all that Vietnam had to offer and be wowed by the Thai capital. I left my home town of Lisbon,…Continue Reading “Southeast Asia 2018: Vietnam & Thailand”

From: 16/02/2018 To: 18/02/2018 Why Paris? Travelling to Paris is always amazing. Check out some tips to make your trip unforgettable.  Hosting is something taken very seriously by any and all travellers. While some prefer simpler and cheaper options, others do not mind investing a little more to ensure greater comfort. Paris is a city that in itself is full of charm and exclusivity air, so why not feel an exclusive person from the moment you arrive at the hotel? The charming hotels, like Le Saint Hôtel…Continue Reading “Paris 2018: La Plus Énigmatique”

From: 15/11/2017 To: 07/12/2017 Kerala Some say it will be a kind of “India for Beginners” trip, as it will not have as much movement as with other larger cities. It is also said that in Kerala you will enjoy more of the nature and hospitality of the Indians than in any other region. The region of Kerala is in the extreme southwest of India and has more than 33 million inhabitants. This region, which is dubbed the “Land of Palm Trees” (or “Land of…Continue Reading “India 2017: Kerala & Maharashtra”

From: 04/11/2017 To: 15/11/2017 Watch out a landscape from the open doors of a local train that travels slowly or from the window of a crowded bus. What you know is India, a road expedition, a disease and an illness from India. From Goa to the south-western tip of Karnataka, you leave a cultural and natural diversity of both stunning states. Goa The Portuguese heroes celebrated in Os Lusíadas had a clear goal in mind: to arrive at the Indian Areas and to bring from…Continue Reading “India 2017: Goa & Karnataka”

From: 27/10/2017 To: 04/11/2017 It had always been my dream to go to India. I did not know when and how would I be prepared to go on this trip (because had already read a lot about India and knew it would be a heavier ride with a mixture of wonder and sorrow) but it was a really wanted to make a trip. And when the opportunity arose, soon after the change of a chapter in my life. I wanted to get to know the…Continue Reading “India 2017: Golden Triangle”

The city of Nice and the entire French Riviera region (also called Côte d’Azur) is on the dream list of a lot of people. Owner of a glamorous past where so many Hollywood actors have passed, this region of France is always associated with cinema and luxury (remember that the Cannes Film Festival also happens in the region). Even so, it is possible to visit Nice even without being a millionaire or a movie star. Walking with the sea on our left side, the Promenade…Continue Reading “Nice 2017: French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)”

With the summer ending and passing heat, the suggestion of a short break to the magnificent city of Seville, where I was recently in the Gran Semana Anglo-árabe. When preparing the trip, in the research I did on the city and what to visit, I found a definition, with which I agree and summarizes in a few words to describe Seville and its environment: Seville is the sensual city of Carmen, the cigarette case, and D. Juan, the conqueror. The dramatic city of flamenco and…Continue Reading “Seville 2017: Gran Semana Anglo-árabe & City”

This was a journey through a fantastic land, a magnificent people and a passionate culture. The Country is amazingly reachable with a lush vegetation and great land for agriculture. A perfect place to breed horses, which makes Ireland a place that is culturally linked to the horse culture and industry. Our Ireland tour was a set of events on the countryside, horses and a quick visit to Dublin. Day 1 On the first day, we woke up at dawn and then went to our rental…Continue Reading “Ireland 2017: The Irish Trip”