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Gone are the days when Colombia was considered as one of the most dangerous countries where people usually avoided going. We have news for all the travel-lovers that now Colombia’s time has surely changed. Now it has become the “a-must-to-go” place for the tourists. Situated on the northern side of South America, it also has some territories and lands in North America. It is a favorite spot for tourists to spend their time along its coast.

With its interesting cities, green jungles and picturesque beaches, this country has it all. It is so diverse in every aspect, that it is known as the country of several nations. More and more tourists are now backpacking to their journey of exploring Colombia.
We have made a list of all the places for the people who want to travel and sightseeing Colombia. If some of you guys are choosing a destination to travel, need not to worry. We have got you covered.



It is known as The Athens of South America. The capital city of Colombia is so vast and a busy city that people get in the awe of this place. It had once a bad reputation but now it has made itself the most visited places in Colombia. From La Candelaria to the Gold Museum, this city is also offering you to visit a strange salt cathedral of Zipaquira. It also offers you great street art, if you just scroll around the roads of this city. Nevertheless, you will be able to eat tremendously well in this city. Considered one of the most successful restaurants in Colombian history, Andres Carne de Res was a great experience that you should try.



This city is rich with the Caribean culture and the people here are considered as the most beautiful ones. Late night parties and salsa dancing are included in its night-life, as it has lots of beach clubs and bars. Carnival celebrations here are must to attend because it is the most famous in Barranquilla. There is a zoo which has 500 kinds of animals from all over the world. Also, the beaches here are full of locals and tourists all around the year.


Santa Marta

This city is the oldest in America, which was founded in 1525 by Spanish. The architecture and cathedrals are something that cannot be missed. The best thing about this city is that it is situated near Tayrona National Park which is full of wildlife and some spots where people do camping. There is a public market which is known as the authentic Colombian market. Oh, and you just cannot miss the Historic City Centre, if you love to know about the history of this place.



This is a small fishing village which is only 0 minutes away from Santa Marta. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Well, it should, because it has a picturesque view and tons of things to do here. You can learn Scuba diving there, that too at a very reasonable price. Of course, you can go fishing when you are in a fishing village. You just have to ask local fishermen there or book a tour with the travel agency. You cannot miss the opportunity of watching sunsets over the water. A truly mesmerizing view to watch.



This beachside town is getting very popular amongst the tourists and is now a mandatory stop on the trail. You can go tubing in the Palomino river which is the popular activity there. The Palomino beach is the gorgeous one to spend some time sunbathing there. But don’t forget to have some massage service from the hotels on the beach.



This is also a small village in the mountains that relaxes you in its lush green environment. There are two waterfalls of Pozo Azul and Marinka in which you can go for a dip and get yourself refreshed. There is also a gorgeous viewpoint which can be reached through three-hour long hiking. But if you are not a fan of hiking, Mototaxis are also available for such people. There is a Coffee and Cacao Farm that has the best quality of cacao in Colombia. If you are fond of birds, you can go with the expert David for the birding tour.



It is the most visited spot because of having many direct flights and ship visits. This place was found in 1533 which is famous for the colonial old town, pretty decorated balconies of the houses, cobbled alleys, and vast churches. It is full of crowds everywhere because of having a relaxing atmosphere. A place where you can go slow and just enjoy being in the present. Cheese-filled arepas and fresh lemonade is something you get from every food vendor there. There is a mud volcano in Cartagena where you can float and have a small massage service there.



Medellín is the capital of the Antioquia region, where it is possible to see this unique culture, with different habits ranging from the behavior of its inhabitants to cuisine. Once in the city, be sure to try the “Bandeja Paisa“, the typical dish of the region. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to do the “BEST STREET FOOD TOUR MEDELLÍN” experience. In addition to all this historical wealth related to the city, Medellín also presents the best Colombian night. With wonderful restaurants, bars, and night clubs. Regarding that, a good experience to do is the “Live the Nightlife Rooftop Pub Crawl” option. It was stupendous. The city wins in spite of its neighbors when the analyzed items are style, quality, and variety. We recommend doing both “History Graffiti art and the Comuna13” and “Caminata Histórica por el Centro” experiences.



You won’t believe but it is the third-largest city of Colombia which has a bad reputation for many crimes there. Despite all that, it is a fun and lively city where you’ll remain safe if you exactly know where to go. Here, Salsa dancing is mandatory so go and learn that dance. You can even watch a salsa circus there which is named Delirio. There is also a cat park there, where you can see many cat statues in the park painted by the local artists.



This place is like having a slow and relaxing time there if you are too tired from traveling to other places in Colombia. There are so many coffee shops at every nook and corner of the place. The famous Gold Museum is located here in Armenia. The entry to this museum is totally free. Eat at La Fogata which is a very old place serving food to its citizens. There is a beautiful botanical garden by the name of Parque de la Vida where you can just stroll and enjoy your time.



Do you know what is it famous for?
For other outdoor activities. This little town is filled with natural aura where you can have some rejuvenating time. There is a bamboo paradise where you can freshen up your love for nature. There is also some thrill and adventure for tourists. Globos Colombia is the name where you can have a hot-air balloon ride and marvel at all the breath-taking landscapes. This place also offers a recreational water activity of rafting on the boats. Sounds exciting!



It is such a small place in Colombia that can be explored within a day. There aren’t many accommodation places so tourists make a little stop here just for resting and munching on small snacks. There is a Panaca Park for little kids for interaction with the animals. If you want some more nature, go to the “Birdwatching in Quindío-Colombia Hotspot” experience for a bird watching and coffee farm.



It is one of the most traditional Colombian coffee towns. The roof of the houses here is all tiled and colored in oranges, greens, and blues. It looks stunning. There are so many coffee farms that have road track for cycling! Yes! All the cycling lovers can spend some time here with a bicycle. If you want to have a perfect view of nature, just head to La Colina Iluminada. You can have the tastiest food at Helena Adentro with so many creative dishes. There is also a secret double waterfall that is located inside a private land.



This is also a small town in the area of Coffee Triangle. Tourists go there for chilled vibes and experience the local culture. You can go hiking in Cocora Valley. The track is so gorgeous that you’ll have a wonderful time while hiking. Just take lots of water with you and some snacks. You can find fresh Trout in every restaurant in Salento. You can also take a tour of Coffee plantation of the famous Don Elias produces coffee by hand and is sold to all the visitors. The stunning eco-farm, La Serrana, is a wonderful retreat and is affordable by everyone.




What To Pack For This Tour?

– Two pairs of jeans;
– Two pairs of shorts;
– One bathing suit;
– Six T-shirts or tops;
– One flip flop;
– One pair of walking shoes;
– Six pairs of socks;
– All the items of skincare;
– One towel;
– Bodysprays and mist;
– A small medical kit that includes band-aids, antibacterial cream, pain killers and hand sanitizers;
– Some plastic bags;


Stay Safe In Colombia

It is pretty much safe here but still needs a bit of caution while visiting Colombia. There isn’t any kidnapping activity here but petty crimes are done here in this place, especially at night. Don’t show off your valuable items like a camera or mobile phone. Don’t stroll around the unknown places at night. Stay away from drugs. Because you will get yourself in a critical situation in Colombia. Also, get yourself all the duplicate copies of your personal documents. Don’t trust anyone that seems shady to you, even if it’s a taxi driver. Always buy good travel insurance. It will protect you from theft, injury or other mishappenings.
One last thing. Never do something that you do not do at your home!

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